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Station Equipment Information and Training Manuals Available Below*

*A hard copy of these manuals are also available in the Training Department

Studio Equipment Model/Info Available PDF Manual
A&B Audio Console Allen & Heath SQ7 SQ7 Audio Mixer Guide
A&B Character Generator Ross XPression System XPression User Guide
A&B Video Switcher Ross Carbonite M2 Carbonite Operation Manual
A&B Lighting Console ETC ColorSource 20 ETC ColorSource 20 Manual
A&B Lightworks Editing EditShare Lightworks Recording and Lightworks Tips
A&B Station Props Available FPA Prop Options
B Gobo Stencils Available FPA Gobo Options
A,B,&,C SQ Audio Mixers SQ/Qu-Drives Compatibility USB Flash Drive Devices Compatibility
C TriCaster System NewTek TriCaster VMC1 Video Mix Engine + VMC 1 User Manual
  IP Series 2 Tripe Control Panel see above
C Audio Console Allen & Heath SQ5 SQ5 Introduction Features
Radio Audio Console Wheatstone E1 Surface

Radio E1 Control Surface User Manual

Field Various Equipment Available FPA Field Equipment Options
Field Camera JVC HM600 JVC HM600 Manual
Field Camera JVC HM650 JVC HM650 Manual
Field Camera JVC HM850 JVC HM850 Manual
Field & Studios Compact Audio Console Mackie 14-Channel Compact Mixer 1402VLZ4 Mackie Compact Mixer Guide