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FPA has three fully equipped digital television studios offering multiple cameras, control rooms, lighting instruments, audio equipment and miscellaneous props and sets. The control rooms are equipped with character generators, audio boards and switchers - everything needed to produce a professional television program.

FPA's radio studios are fully equipped production and transmission suites. WEBR is a digital studio equipped with a Audio Arts board, three CD players, two turntables plus a mixer, two cassette decks and two DAT decks. There is also a phone hybrid so callers can be heard on the air.

WRLD doubles as a digital audio production suite for radio and television. The suite has an Audio Arts board, phone hybrid, three CD players, two cassette decks and one DAT player as well as Adobe Audition audio editing software.

FPA also has multiple Panasonic DVX 100B camcorders, DVCPro Digital cameras and field audio, lighting and switching gear for shooting on location. Our edit capabilities include five Final Cut Pro 7 non-linear editing stations and one linear system for tape-to-tape editing.

The facilities at Fairfax Public Access exist for active members to create or volunteer their technical support for non-commercial programming to air on our channels at no cost other than annual membership fees, tape costs and the training needed to be certified in specific equipment usage.  The only exception is the Dub Suites, configured for DVCPro, MiniDV, VHS, DVD, and ¾” U-Matic and (for playback only) DV and DV-CAM.  Dub Suites are available to members at the cost of $ 2.00 per hour.

For anyone wishing to rent the facilities, hire professional staff for an outside production or for members looking to create commercial programming not intended for air on our channels, please refer to Production Services.