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Information regarding the Radio Producers Guild can be found here.

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As a certified and active radio producer, you become a member of the Radio Guild. The group meets 4 times per year. The purpose is to create and foster communication between fellow DJ’s, make plans for promotions, voice concerns, discuss equipment & procedures, and share ideas. The Radio Program Director and other staff attend for discussion. All active radio producers are asked to attend; meetings are usually kept to 1 hour and held at FPA.

  2018 Officers

  • Marianne Metz, President
  • Genise White, VP/Secretary

  2018 Meeting Schedule

  • Sunday, January 21st at 1pm
  • Tuesday, March 27th at 7pm
  • Wednesday, June20th at 7pm
  • Sunday, September 30th at 12pm

A reminder to members: Meeting attendance may be a requirement for you to retain your timeslot. See the programming office if you have questions.

Download the Radio Guild Charter here.