Download Forms


Membership Form (Must be accompanied by a copy of state or government issued ID with payment)

Television and Radio Program Proposal Form (All 4 pages of this document is required for approval)

Television Program Submission Form (A form is needed for each episode submitted)

Permission to Distribute Program Form (Request for a program to be aired on other stations or websites - Formerly known as Permission to Bicycle Form)

Television Production Renewal Form (Required every six months to keep television programs active)

Radio Program Renewal Form (Required every six months to keep radio programs active)

Class Registration Form (Required in order to take a class offered through the Training Department)

Volunteer Credit Form (Required in order to obtain volunteer credit for assisting with productions)

Networking Options Form (Required in order to be included on volunteer or producer e-group or member forum)

Underwriting Form (Required to start an underwriting account with FPA)

Studio Waiver Request Form (Required for additional studio time or large groups)

Field Waiver Request Form (Required for mutliple cameras and long time periods or distances)