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Thursday, October 19th - Channel 37

12:00 am

Nostalgia Music Mix

8:00 am

Philosophy Talk

Air Dates

Thursdays at 8am


Philosophy Talk is radio that celebrates the value of the examined life.  Each week, our two host philosophers invite you to join them in conversation on a wide variety of issues ranging from popular culture to our most deeply-held beliefs about science, morality, and the human condition.  Philosophy Talks challenges listeners to identify and question their assumptions and to think about things in new ways.  We are dedicated to reasoned conversation driven by human curiosity.  Philosophy Talk is accessible, intellectually stimulating, and most of all, fun!

9:00 am

Café Latino

10:00 am

Repent and Prepare The Way

Air Dates

Every Thursday at 10am


Host Edith Kabingu transmits the word of God to prepare the church for the coming of the Lord.

11:00 am

The Knights of Columbus Radio Show

Air Dates

Thursdays at 11am


Listeners have the opportunity to participate in the rosary at the start of the show as well as hear news of interest to members of local Dioceses. On many shows there is a Franciscan meditation period. At certain times there are discussions on recent topics of interest to Roman Catholics.

12:00 pm

Nostalgia Music Mix

1:00 pm

RMH Radio The Platform

2:00 pm

Hip Hop Vibes

Air Dates

Every Thursday at 2pm


Bringing old and new school hip hop together in an effort to bridge the generational gap and platform for local artists.

3:00 pm

Nostalgia Music Mix

4:00 pm

The Professor Rocks

Air Dates

Thursdays at 4pm


Your host, The Professor, has never understood the point of "Oldies" shows that simply play one track after another ("Rock Around the Clock" followed by "Get a Job") with no attempt at putting the recordings into their musical (and social) context. Isn't it interesting, for example, that the records produced out of the Sun studios in Memphis in the mid 50s were all made by the sons of sharecroppers, who had recently moved into the cities. The Professor plays lesser-known songs by well-known singers like Buddy Holly and Carl Perkins, and also some great tracks by not-so-well-known singers such as Bobby Charles and Roscoe Gordon. He also talks about some of the musicians he's met including Jerry Lee Lewis and Billy Lee Riley. He'll tell you who played on each track, who wrote the song, where it was recorded, and what the singer did later in his/her career. It's fun, you hear the best music, and you get to appreciate one of the 20th century's great art-forms - the 2-minute record.


6:00 pm


7:00 pm

World Reggae Party

Air Dates

Thursdays at 7pm


Promoting blessings, love and peace, World Reggae Party spins Reggae/Reggaeton/Dancehall and Soca music from all over the world!  Bringing the World to your ears, World Reggae Party with The Goddess Genise on Radio Fairfax!! Thursday nights at 7pm...WRP will ROCK YOU!!! Ire'Baloo, and RAH, RAH, RAH!!!

8:00 pm

Justice for All

Air Dates

Thursdays at 8pm


There is bias in all news reporting.  There are no objective journalists or objective news programs.  So get your news from someone who admits the truth.  Justice Percell honestly reports the news with bias and opinion.  Listen to the Justice for All program to get honesty in news reporting. 

9:00 pm

Making Change Radio

Air Dates

Every Thursday at 9pm


Making Change Radio is a talk show featuring local community members who are working to make changes for the better of Northern Virginia with Host Catherine Read.

10:00 pm

My Wake Up Call

11:00 pm

Nostalgia Music Mix