Friday, December 2nd - Channel 36

12:00 am

Meeting with Gangaji
Air Dates

Wednesdays at 8pm, Fridays at 12am, Sundays at 11am on Channel 36 - Sundays at 10am on Channel 10


Spiritual teacher Gangaji invites viewers to discover the peace that is the essential nature of every human being. The programs are recordings of public meetings that Gangaji currently holds in cities throughout the world. In each meeting, Gangaji speaks and responds, often with humor, to questions or reports from the audience. Gangaji's message is clear and simple, requires no special preparation or practice, and is for anyone desiring inner peace.

1:00 am

Beyond Today
Air Dates

Every Monday at 5:30pm, Friday at 1am, and Saturday at 10am


Beyond Today is a bible-based explanation to today's personal and world problems. Be sure to tune in every week or set your DVR's to watch Beyond Today.

1:30 am

FPA Spiritual

5:00 am

The KineticTV Faith in Motion
Air Dates

Every Tuesday at 9:30pm, Friday at 5am, and Saturday 5pm


Highlighting the reality of Christs presence in our world and to illustrate real world instances of Faith In Motion.

6:00 am

Dan Hayman & The Country Hymntimers
Air Dates

Thursdays at 4pm, Fridays at 6am, Saturdays at 8pm


This program is for the entire family.  Dan Hayman brings you the finest Southern gospel music and testimonies about our living Savior, Jesus Christ.  This program strives to be uplifting to everyone.

7:00 am

Second Coming Church

8:00 am

Special Programming

2:30 pm

Air Dates

Every Friday at 12am, Friday at 3:30pm and Sunday at 10:30am

Language: English




#TheAfricanDream is a movement about telling the African story from an African point of view, sharing the positive creations and creatures of the continent, and highlighting institutions and everyday people living in and out of Africa - whether they be Africans or not - that are helping shape lives positively.


Oral Ofori

3:00 pm

Special Programming

4:30 pm

Pisco is for Lovers
Air Dates

Every Friday at 5:30pm, Saturday at 8:30am and 5:30pm


Pisco is for Lovers is a program that shares the rich culture and history of Peru with the local community.

5:00 pm

Zara's Mongol TV
Air Dates

Every Monday at 1am, Wednesday at 3pm, Thursday at 11pm, and Friday at 6pm


Zara's Mongol TV is a weekly hour-long magazine that consists of studio and field interviews, community news, musics, and reports from Mongolia.

Language: Mongolian

6:00 pm

La Voz de la Profecia Radio
Air Dates

Every Friday at 7pm


Preaches the word of God, and let the public know that all natural disasters are happening because they are signs of the end of time.

7:00 pm

Korean American Catholic Media
Air Dates

Every Thursday at 5pm, Friday at 8pm, and Sunday at 6am


Provides Korean language television programs to Korean-American audience to help them understand their cultural and religious heritage and enhance American life with that knowledge, to comfort people facing hardships in their new environment, and to contribute the diversity of American society.

8:00 pm

Korean American Hour
Air Dates

Every Wednesday at 9pm, Thursday at 9pm, Friday at 9pm and Sunday 7am


The Korean American Hour aims to bring an awareness of Korea to the American community. Also, through Channel 30, we offer useful information to help Korean immigrants understand and adapt to American ways.  We educate and bring a cultural exchange between Koreans and Americans. And, we help second generation Americans learn and remember the culture and language of Korea. For these reasons we are proud to be a cultural messenger in our local community.


Language: Korean


10:00 pm

Special Programming