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Friday, November 15th - Channel 36

12:00 am

Meeting with Gangaji

Air Dates

Wednesdays at 8pm, Fridays at 12am, Sundays at 11am on Channel 36 - Sundays at 10am on Channel 10


Spiritual teacher Gangaji invites viewers to discover the peace that is the essential nature of every human being. The programs are recordings of public meetings that Gangaji currently holds in cities throughout the world. In each meeting, Gangaji speaks and responds, often with humor, to questions or reports from the audience. Gangaji's message is clear and simple, requires no special preparation or practice, and is for anyone desiring inner peace.

1:00 am

Tomorrow's World

Air Dates

Every Monday at 5:30pm, Friday at 1am, and Saturday at 10am


The secret of your purpose for existence has been kept from you for far too long. What does God hold in store for you personally that has anything to do with the cosmos and the universe beyond this world. Christ government is coming back to this earth. Christ is returning as king of kings and Lord of Lords. Be sure to tune in every week or set your DVR's to watch Tomorrow's World.

1:30 am

FPA Spiritual

6:00 am

Dan Hayman & The Country Hymntimers

Air Dates

Thursdays at 4pm, Fridays at 6am, Saturdays at 8pm


This program is for the entire family.  Dan Hayman brings you the finest Southern gospel music and testimonies about our living Savior, Jesus Christ.  This program strives to be uplifting to everyone. 

7:00 am

Second Coming Church

Air Dates

Every Thursday at 5pm, Friday at 7am, and Sunday at 8pm


Second Coming Church uses the Bible constantly, intelligently, and convincingly in preparation for the end of times.  This show also addresses human issues with a Biblical remedy and the importance of having a Biblical awaremess in the times we live in.

8:00 am

Special Programming

11:00 am

Community Inspiration

Air Dates

Every Monday at 5:30am, Wednesday at 2pm, and Friday at 11am


Community Inspiration delivers educational talk interviews designed to uplift viewers.  Achieve your goals in life from the inspiration you receive watching this program!

12:00 pm

Special Programming

2:30 pm

Mindshift Relationship Court

Air Dates

Every Monday at 7:30am, Wednesday 10:30am, and Friday 2:30pm


Mindshift Relationship Court is an educational program intended for business owners who are looking for advice and looking to obtain the help needed in order to better grow their business.

3:00 pm

Beracah Baptist Church

Air Dates

Thursdays at 12am, Fridays at 3pm, Sundays at 2pm


This program gives you an inside look at what God is doing with Beracah Baptist Church. "Beracah" means blessing in Hebrew.  Each week, Beracah Baptist Church allows those near and far to experience every blessing that God is bestowing above. 

4:00 pm

Access 2 Heaven

Air Dates

Wednesdays at 6am, Fridays at 4pm, Saturdays at 8am


Access 2 Heaven Network features interviews and highlights of Christian celebrities and other unsung heroes and reports on news happening in local and national communities. 

4:30 pm

The Speaking Unity

Air Dates

Every Monday at 1:30pm, Sunday at 7am, and Sunday at 8:30am


The Speaking Unity program provides love and respect to all creations.  It teaches high moral values and to live in unity with everything.

5:00 pm

Special Programming

6:00 pm

Prepare the Way

7:00 pm

Interfaith Connections

7:30 pm

Shattering Strongholds!

8:00 pm

Surer Word

Air Dates

Every Wednesday at 4:30pm, Friday at 8pm, and Sunday at 6:30am


Surer Word is a program for spiritual enrichment through the studying of scripture, sermons, worship messages and more.

8:30 pm

National Science Foundation

9:30 pm

Muhammad and Friends

Air Dates

Every Tuesday at 12pm, Friday at 9:30pm, and Saturday at 5am


Join Munir Muhammad as he interviews local, national and international personnel on issues in their field and expertise.

10:30 pm

Listening to God

11:00 pm

Special Programming