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Thursday, October 27th - Channel 30

12:00 am

God is Love

Air Dates

Every Monday at 9pm, Thursday at 12am, and Saturday at 9pm


God is Love is a one-hour weekly Christian program produced by the Arabic Baptist Church. Its goal to convey the unconditional God's love to your heart and to all the hearts of others from the Arabic-speaking viewers. This program contains Gospel singing; bible reading from the Holy book, testimonies and preaching the Word of God through blessed and dedicates preachers. The program contains some announcements about the church activities such as the Arabic Sunday school and youth groups. In addition, the program deals with family problems that are on the increase especially in this country.

Language: Arabic


12:30 am

Mongolian TV

Air Dates

Every Tuesday at 4:30pm, Thursday at 12:30am, Saturday at 4:30pm, and Sunday at 11:30pm


Mongolian TV is a weekly TV magazine geared towards the growing number of Mongolian immigrants arriving to the US every year.  The program features studio interviews, community news reviews, Mongolian folk and modern music, and segments for children.

Language: Mongolian (Khalka)

1:00 am

Music Mix

7:30 am

Get to Know Africa

Air Dates

Every Monday at 3:30pm, Thursday at 7:30am, and Sunday at 2pm


Get to know Africa is a program that deals with all the news and information about Angola. If you don't know Africa, or if you do know but haven't been back, you are invited to watch the program Get to Know Africa. Get to Know Africa is a program that will keep you up to date on all new developments, culture, dance, music, and its history.

Language: Portugese

8:00 am

Positive Programming

Air Dates

Every Tuesday at 10:30pm, Thursday at 8am, and Sunday at 3pm


The purpose of Positive Programming is to introduce people to the teachings of Buddah.

9:00 am

Special Programming

11:00 am

Sound of Light

12:00 pm

Special Programming

2:00 pm

Ethiopian Orthodox TV

Air Dates

Every Tuesday at 9pm, Wednesday at 7am, Thursday at 2pm, and Sunday at 9:30pm


Ethiopian Orthodox Television seeks to teach the Ethiopian community the right way of living through the teachings of the Bible.  This program seeks to promote unity among the Ethiopian immigrant community and aid in the difficulties of assimilating to the American way.  Tune in every week to experience messages and songs of hope, joy and love in Amharic, as this program does its part to bring the community together.

Language: Amharic

3:00 pm

Zeyafate Gooftegoo

Air Dates

Every Wednesday at 12am, Thursday at 3pm, and Sunday at 8:30pm


The goal of this program is to inform the audience of current events and be platform to share their experiences.

Language: Farsi

4:00 pm

Special Programming

5:00 pm

Korean American Catholic Media

Air Dates

Every Thursday at 5pm, Friday at 8pm, and Sunday at 6am


Provides Korean language television programs to Korean-American audience to help them understand their cultural and religious heritage and enhance American life with that knowledge, to comfort people facing hardships in their new environment, and to contribute the diversity of American society.

6:00 pm

Vietnamese TV

Air Dates

Every Tuesday at 12am, Wednesday at 2pm, Thursday at 6pm, and Sunday at 7pm


Tune in to this weekly hour-long program focused on news and events in the Vietnamese-American community.  See coverage of major events and get weekly updates on current news and social topics in Vietnamese.  Be sure not to miss a new episode of Vietnamese TV every week on Channel 30!

Language: Vietnamese

7:00 pm

Vietnamese Talk Show

Air Dates

Every Monday at 6pm, Tuesday at 1am, Thursday at 7pm, and Sunday at 8pm


Vietnamese Talk Show is a weekly, half-hour program that features many aspects of Vietnamese culture and life by showcasing prominent local leaders, scientists, musicians, priests, social workers and more.  This program presents a variety of subjects, in Vietnamese, of interest to the Vietnamese-American community.  Tune in for a new episode of Vietnamese Talk Show every week on Channel 30!

Language: Vietnamese

7:30 pm

Meet Your Candidates

8:00 pm

Global TV Network Presents Chitrmala

Air Dates

Every Tuesday at 8am, Thursday at 8pm, and Sunday at 11am


This is a talk show program, conducted in the Hindi Language, featuring interviews from Bollywood personalities, music, poetry, political interviews, and so much more!

8:30 pm

Edicion Latina

Air Dates

Every Tuesday 8:30am, Thursday at 8:30pm, and Sunday 1:30pm


Edición Latina is a cultural program that presents music and folklore or different latin american countries.

9:00 pm

Korean American Hour

Air Dates

Every Wednesday at 9pm, Thursday at 9pm, Friday at 9pm and Sunday 7am




The Korean American Hour aims to bring an awareness of Korea to the American community. Also, through Channel 30, we offer useful information to help Korean immigrants understand and adapt to American ways.  We educate and bring a cultural exchange between Koreans and Americans. And, we help second generation Americans learn and remember the culture and language of Korea. For these reasons we are proud to be a cultural messenger in our local community.

Language: Korean



Kwan Il Yu

11:00 pm

Zara's Mongol TV

Air Dates

Every Monday at 1am, Wednesday at 3pm, Thursday at 11pm, and Friday at 6pm


Zara's Mongol TV is a weekly hour-long magazine that consists of studio and field interviews, community news, musics, and reports from Mongolia.

Language: Mongolian