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Tuesday, September 10th - Channel 30

12:00 am

Vietnamese TV

Air Dates

Every Tuesday at 12am, Wednesday at 2pm, Thursday at 6pm, and Sunday at 7pm


Tune in to this weekly hour-long program focused on news and events in the Vietnamese-American community.  See coverage of major events and get weekly updates on current news and social topics in Vietnamese.  Be sure not to miss a new episode of Vietnamese TV every week on Channel 30!

Language: Vietnamese

1:00 am

Vietnamese Talk Show

Air Dates

Every Monday at 6pm, Tuesday at 1am, Thursday at 7pm, and Sunday at 8pm


Vietnamese Talk Show is a weekly, half-hour program that features many aspects of Vietnamese culture and life by showcasing prominent local leaders, scientists, musicians, priests, social workers and more.  This program presents a variety of subjects, in Vietnamese, of interest to the Vietnamese-American community.  Tune in for a new episode of Vietnamese Talk Show every week on Channel 30!

Language: Vietnamese

1:30 am

Music Mix

7:00 am

International Definition

Air Dates

Every Tuesday at 7am, Friday at 4pm, and Saturday at 4pm


International Definition presents information about various different countries, includes materials from other international organizations, and presents applications of the academic discipline which is known as the "international definition".

Language: English

7:30 am


Air Dates

Eery Monday at 9:30pm, Tuesday at 7:30am, and Sunday at 6pm.


Caribnation informs and educates Caribbean and American viewers through a program that highlights Caribbean culture and people.

8:00 am

Global TV Network Presents Chitrmala

Air Dates

Every Tuesday at 8am, Thursday at 8pm, and Sunday at 11am


This is a talk show program, conducted in the Hindi Language, featuring interviews from Bollywood personalities, music, poetry, political interviews, and so much more!

8:30 am

El Greco: An Artist's Odyssey

9:00 am

Los Viajes de Gulliver

10:30 am

La Pequena Princessa

12:00 pm

Khaleh Ghili

Air Dates

Tuesdays at 12pm, Wednesdays at 6pm, and Saturdays at 12pm (LIVE)


A show that brings the Persian community together through an interactive question & answer format. An interview with an expert will address needs & concerns and give advice on varying topics pertaining to Persian/American culture. Helps to bridge cultural differences & assist the Farsi-speaking community in finding proper resources. 

Language: Farsi


2:00 pm

La Pimpernela Escarlata

3:30 pm

Special Programming

4:00 pm

Voice of Hope

Air Dates

Every Monday at 8:30pm, Tuesday at 4pm, Wednesday at 1am, and Sunday at 6:30pm


The purpose of our program is to send messages to all about the Bible and Jesus.

Language: Amharic

4:30 pm

Mongolian TV

Air Dates

Every Tuesday at 4:30pm, Thursday at 12:30am, Saturday at 4:30pm, and Sunday at 11:30pm


Mongolian TV is a weekly TV magazine geared towards the growing number of Mongolian immigrants arriving to the US every year.  The program features studio interviews, community news reviews, Mongolian folk and modern music, and segments for children.

Language: Mongolian (Khalka)

5:00 pm


Air Dates

Every Tuesday at 5pm


Mikrofon discusses political, social and cultural agendas related to Turkey and the Turkish-American community. 

Language: Turkish

6:00 pm


Air Dates

Every Tuesday at 6pm, Saturday at 7am, and Saturday at 7pm


Tune in every week to see the Good News Mission in Washington bring you the gospel of Jesus Christ in the Korean language.

Language: Korean

7:00 pm

Joan Miro: Ladder of Escape

7:30 pm

Courtly Art of Ancient Maya

8:00 pm

Punjabi Community Hour

Air Dates

Every Monday at 2:30pm, Tuesday at 8pm, Wednesday at 8am, and Saturday at 10pm


Punjabi Community Hour is a weekly series that focuses on the Punjabi community in the United States, as well as the cultural information about the State of Punjab and its people.

Language: Punjabi

9:00 pm

Ethiopian Orthodox TV

Air Dates

Every Tuesday at 9pm, Wednesday at 7am, Thursday at 2pm, and Sunday at 9:30pm


Ethiopian Orthodox Television seeks to teach the Ethiopian community the right way of living through the teachings of the Bible.  This program seeks to promote unity among the Ethiopian immigrant community and aid in the difficulties of assimilating to the American way.  Tune in every week to experience messages and songs of hope, joy and love in Amharic, as this program does its part to bring the community together.

Language: Amharic

10:00 pm

Turk-Amerikan Televizyonu

Air Dates

Every Monday at 7:30am, Tuesday at 10pm, and Sunday at 10am


Turkish-American affairs and community events are discussed in this program.

Language: Turkish

10:30 pm

El Libro de la Selva