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In order to view FPA's digital signal on COX, you will need a digital cable box or a digital cable ready TV with a QAM tuner. With a COX digital cable box you will find FPA on channels 10, 30, 36 & 37. In addition you will also find FPA channels on 810, 830, 836 & 837.

If you have a digital cable ready TV with a QAM tuner, be sure to run a channel scan on your TV. You should find FPA channels at 42-810, 42-830, 42-836 & 42-837. Some QAM tuners map out channel numbers differently. If you don't see our channels at those locations on a cable ready TV with a QAM tuner, tune to channel 42 and channel up till you find our channels.

If you still have trouble receiving our channels, or are not sure if you have digital service, please contact COX at 703-378-8422.  Please note that as of January 2016, COX will be transitioning to an all digital signal and subscribers will need receivers to view our channels once the transition is complete.