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What is Friday Night Live?

FNL is a multi-faceted mentor program.  It was established to help our television students earn experience by participating in productions which are supervised and guided by an FPA staff member.  It provides a networking option to meet fellow members and producers and helps the station generate extra programming content.  We invite members to participate and help either as crew volunteers or as talent in an upcoming production.

When are they held?

FNL productions are held one Friday a month from 7pm-10pm in Studio A or B.   To verify the dates, you can contact the Training Department or the Equipment Room. Members can also refer to the training course schedule for a listing of all the dates.

Who can participate?

Crew or talent participation is open to all FPA active members.  Note: crew positions require the appropriate member equipment certification.

How can I participate?

Register by contacting the Training Department and/or submit a FNL crew form. Early registration is recommended in order to participate in the production. Note that each crew position is limited to three volunteers per production and they tend to fill fast.  If you have registered and later learned that you cannot attend, please notify the Training Department as soon as possible in order to allow other members the chance to participate. 

FPA Training Department Contact Information: 571-749-1102 - Jay Erausquin or 571-749- 1107 - Cindy Rauda

To participate as an equipment crew volunteer: 

·         To participate in equipment crew positions, active members must have completed one of the following classes (Studio Camera, Studio Package, Audio for TV, CG for Beginners, Technical Directing, Studio Lighting, or the appropriate test-out program).

·         The Training Dept. considers each FNL shoot as a class and space is limited to three slots per crew position. When you register please include the position that you are interested in helping on.

·         Available equipment positions include: Studio Camera, Audio, Lighting, Character Generator Graphics, Technical Directing, Floor Directing, and Teleprompter.

·         In order to help gain experience, the Training Department will approve a member’s participation using the same equipment up to a maximum of three times as part of separate FNL productions.

To participate as talent (FPA members only):

To participate as talent, members must notify the training department and staff will then share the enrollment with our staff production department. A roster is kept with up to 3 talent slots per FNL production, however, staff must approve all talent requests.  To help guide each FNL shoot our staff will have preplanned scripts and production guidelines, however, please be prepared to share any talent ideas or topics you are interested in performing. Examples of talent opportunities can include producers interested in conducting short interviews, producers interested in talking and promoting their FPA show(s), or members interested in conducting a short performance to showcase their talent(s).

Are there any fees?

There are no costs to participate in FNL productions. However, members will need to register ahead of time and meet the appropriate training conditions to participate.  Completing the appropriate participation forms and/or guest releases are also required.

Does volunteering in FNL count towards class requirements or the volunteer credits program?

Class volunteer requirements or volunteer class credits cannot be earned when participating in this program.  FNL is considered an extended training program meant to provide additional experience outside of the classroom. Members will still need to volunteer on an active show to complete their requirements or earn class credits.

Are there any limits on the number of times I can participate in the program?

Yes, members can participate up to a maximum of three times per crew position. This was setup in order to provide a mentoring experience, but also allow for the opportunity for newer members to participate in this program. An exception can be made if production spots remain open after the 48hr registration deadline. 

Do FNL shows air at FPA?

Yes, our staff production department will handle any editing and post-production work that may be required as part of each shoot. However, the overall goal is to develop a series of short segments per FNL session that will produce a full 28 min live-to-tape production. Once completed a copy of the show will be submitted for air on Channel 10 as a special.