Volunteer Information

FPA exists because of its volunteers. Our shows and classes depend on YOU!  Volunteering helps to create current programs and gives you the opportunity to hone your skills and network with others at the station.


FPA presents The GetLinked Forum specifically created for our producers and volunteers. Join and share your ideas and network with your fellow FPA members.


Volunteering for Class Requirements:

There are some courses that require a completion of a volunteer session for certification, please consult your catalog. Your volunteer work needs to be in the same area as the class that you have completed. 

For example: After completing the Production Assistant class members can begin volunteering as audio or studio A+B camera operators.

Always remember to have a volunteer form with you.  They are located in the rack by the Equipment Room. 

At the end of the show remember to fully complete the volunteer form and have the producer sign the bottom half.  Once completed please turn-in the form at the equipment room.

Volunteer for Class Credit:

Since January 2010, certified television volunteers have been able to earn credit towards FPA training classes when they volunteer their services to shows produced at or through Fairfax Public Access. This credit program, as envisioned by the Board of Directors, allows volunteers to apply accumulated credits of up to 50% towards the cost of any future training course they wish to take. Any volunteer on a certified technical field or studio crew position (e.g. camera, audio, directing, etc.) can earn a $20.00 credit that will be valid for 1yr from the date of the production, providing that they have filled out and submitted a volunteer form within 24hrs of their volunteer work, and that the form has been signed by the producer of record for the program and verified by the Equipment room or Training Dept. For studio volunteers one volunteer slip is equivalent to helping in a 3-hours shoot or the length of the full Studio Production time block.  Similarly for Field or Editing volunteers a 3-hour session equals one volunteer slip. Please note that producers cannot earn credit for their own productions, but may claim credits for volunteering on others.

While credits can be applied towards 50% of the cost of the class, at least one-half of any credits used must come from volunteering on a show that is less than 4 yrs old, based on their initial proposal date. All 50% can be comprised of programs within the last 4 yrs, but only half of that 50% (25% of the class cost) can come from older shows.  Volunteers must be certified and have completed any volunteer requirements before they will be allowed to earn credits towards future classes. When registering for a class using credits, the training department can only use credits earned and recorded in the database up to that date, and only credits that have been earned in the previous on-year period. Credits older than one year will be marked invalid and void for use.

To find out which programs currently in production are considered “old” or “new”, volunteers can consult the yellow “Active Producer list”, copies of which are found at the Equipment Room or with the Training Dept. Volunteers can also be added to the green “Volunteer List” and e-mail list group. Anyone who would like to be added to the list can contact the Training Dept.

Finding Volunteer Work: How do I find volunteer Work on Shows?

Consult the yellow “Active Producer List” and contact producers on shows you wish to help.

You can also turn in a crew available form or contact the Training Dept. and ask them to add your name into the green “Volunteer List” and email group.

Visit Final Cut Pro, Producer’s Workshop, or Studio/Field Package classes and at the end of the class speak to the instructor or students and offer your help.

Call the Equipment Room (571.749.1111), to find out which shows are being taped on the specific day you’re interested in volunteering. Remember, keep your inquiry DATE SPECIFIC.

Ask about tapings on days that you want to volunteer. Sometimes a show cancels at the last minute because a guest backs out, etc…so please call again prior to driving to FPA to make sure the show is on.

Use your volunteer time to network. Find out if someone on the show is interested in helping with your show. Find out if you can become a permanent crew member.