Channel 30 Programs

Channel 30 is FPA's international channel airing programming in more than 10 different languages which target the area’s diverse and multi-cultural population. Through our international channel, Fairfax Public Access strives to provide a great service to our foreign language speaking population. When Channel 30 is not running television programs, viewers may be hearing live international radio programs produced here at FPA or an international music mix.

Cafe Mujer

Facetas TV

God is Love

God is Love


God Is Love is a one-hour weekly Christian program produced by the Arabic Baptist Church. Its goal to convey the unconditional God's love to your heart and to all the hearts of others from the Arabic-speaking viewers. This program contains Gospel singing; bible reading from the Holy book, testimonies and preaching the Word of God through blessed and dedicates preachers. The program contains some announcements about the church activities such as the Arabic Sunday school and youth groups. In addition, the program deals with family problems that are on the increase especially in this country. 

Producer: Arabic Baptist Church

Internation Definition

Luz Para Tu Vida

Persian HaHa

Return to Innocence of Childhood

Tilahun Gessesse

Turk-Amerikan Televizyonu

Vietnamese TV

Washington My Home

Ethiopian Orthodox TV


Gospel In Action

Gospel In Action


The Gospel in Action is a one-hour weekly Christian television program in Spanish produced by the Pentecostal Church "La Biblia". Our goal is to convey God's unconditional love for humanity. This program contains Gospel singing, testimonies and preaching of the Word of God through blessed and dedicated preachers and evangelists.


Korean American Hour

Korean American Hour

571-239-0888, 703-750-9550
[email protected]

The Korean American Hour aims to bring an awareness of Korea to the American community. Also, through Channel 30, we offer useful information to help Korean immigrants understand and adapt to American ways .

1. We educate and bring a cultural exchange between Koreans and Americans.
2. We help second generation Americans to learn and remember the culture and language of Korea.

For these reasons we are proud to be a cultural messenger in our local community.

Producer: Kwan Il Yu


Media Watch on Hunger & Poverty

Media Watch on Hunger & Poverty

[email protected]

Started in 1994, “Media Watch on Hunger & Poverty” is an anti-hunger and anti-poverty ACTIVIST program. We provide viewers with contacts to grass root groups, UN agencies, non-governmental organizations, and government agencies all with a view to act to end hunger and poverty. This program airs on channel 30 Fairfax Public Access.

Producer: Provided By Bill Shickler

Thank you for tuning in. Please email us at [email protected] if you have any questions. 

Punjabi Community Hour

Second Coming Church


Vietnamese Talk Show

Voice of Hope