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Wednesday, November 6th - Channel 10

12:00 am

"Have a Good Time, Relax, and Don't Even Worry About It"

12:30 am

International Investor

Air Dates

Every Wednesday at 1230am, Thursday at 8pm, and Sunday at 830am


Tune in every week for financial and investment news from around the globe.

1:00 am

What's On TV

Air Dates

Every Monday at 11:30pm, Wednesday at 1am, and Saturday at 11:30pm


What's on TV is a late night interview and comedy show geared towards adults.

1:30 am

Skills To Pay The Bills

Air Dates

Every Wednesday at 1:30am, Thursday at 10am, and Friday at 7:30pm


Skills to Pay the Bills is a weekly show meant to inform, educate, and demonstrate basic financial skills in the ever changing economic climate.

2:00 am

"World Reggae Party, Local Irie!!!"

3:00 am

FPA Presents

5:00 am

Kathryn Raaker's World

Air Dates

Every Monday at 1pm, Wednesday at 5am, and Saturday at 6pm


Join Kathryn Raaker as she welcomes you into her world! Every week there is a new show featuring new technologies, health and fitness tips, talks with book authors, and sports and recreation topics.

5:30 am

"The Chef, You and I"

6:30 am

7:00 am

Fashion Notes

7:30 am

Special Programming

8:30 am


Air Dates

1st and 2nd Wednesday at 830am, Friday at 5pm, and Saturday at 5am


Potluck aims to have lively and interesting discussions on topics of interest to viewers in the DC metropolitan area.

9:00 am

Special Programming

4:00 pm

The Mimi Geerges Show

4:30 pm

Scholar's Mate

5:00 pm

Lift High the Cross

Air Dates

Thursdays at 930pm, Sundays at 12am, Sundays at 4pm on Channel 36 - Wednesdays at 5pm on Channel 10


Lift High the Cross is a spiritual program meant to enlighten Catholic families and more, while presenting the teachings and practices of the Catholic church.

5:30 pm

Ingrid's World

6:00 pm

Space Quest with Dr. Jim

Air Dates

1st Wednesday at 6pm, Thursday at 7am, and Saturday at 10:30am


Educational program for elementary students about space science and history, using a combination of story songs, live action humor and music videos. All while addressing specific questions for the VA Standard of Learning (SOL) requirements for space science, especially for grades 4 through 6.

6:30 pm

"Have a Good Time, Relax, and Don't Even Worry About It"

7:00 pm

Your Need to Know

Air Dates

Every Wednesday 7pm, Thursday at 4:30am, and Sunday at 2pm


Your Need to Know provides interesting and important information about various topics concerning life in Fairfax County.  It strives to always answer the question, "Why we need to know this?".

7:30 pm

FPA Presents

8:30 pm

Communicating Today

Air Dates

Wednesday at 8:30pm, Fridays at 6:30am, and Sundays at 3:30pm


A program dedicated to showcasing the many different ways people & organizations have of communicating with one another. For example, we communicate through speech, action, socially, humor, science, religion, the arts, music, medicine, politics & so on. The ultimate goal is to improve communications in the world with the end result being to better the human condition. Our program has been "on the air" since 1988 and we are approaching our 700th show!



John Monsul

9:00 pm

A New and Living Way

Air Dates

Every Monday at 7pm, Every Saturday at 7pm, Every Sunday at 7:30am on Channel 36 - Every Wednesday at 9pm on Channel 10


Learn lessons from the bible every week on this Christian based program.

9:30 pm

The Probate Nation

Air Dates

Every Wednesday at 9:30pm, Saturday at 12am, and Sunday at 4:30pm


This program provides an overview of the process to and pitfall of qualifying and administering an estate in NOVA.

10:00 pm

The Rhythm N Justice Show with Salim Adofo

Air Dates

Every Wednesday at 10pm, Saturday at 6am, and Sunday at 9:30am


The Rhythm N Justice Show with Salim Adofo is a community affairs program that highlights the contributions of African-Americans in the DMV area.

10:30 pm

Dance DCTV

Air Dates

Every Monday at 6:30am, Wednesday at 10:30pm, and Saturday at 7:30pm


This show highlights Latin Dance culture in and around Northern Virginia and DC. The desire is to use the art of dance to expose Northern VA and DC to the diversity of Latin Dance. It unites various nationalities and ages who all enjoy the rhythm of the dance.

11:00 pm

Yoga with Cynthia

Air Dates

Every Monday at 6am, Tuesday at 5pm. and Wednesday at 11pm


This program features yoga demonstrated by Cynthia and other guests. Each show targets a specific interest, such as "Yoga to Improve Your Golf Swing," "Yoga For Athletes," Children's Yoga, Gentle Yoga" & more.

11:30 pm

On Beat with Ohlow